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Personal Superannuation

Personal superannuation and savings discussion between grandpa and grandson.

Personal Super is a simple way to save for your retirement.

It provides you with a single access point to a range of investment options that allow you to diversify your superannuation investments while we take care of all the administration for you.

How your superannuation is invested can make a significant difference in reaching your retirement goals. Ascend offers a range of superannuation products to match your investment strategy. And with Choice of Funds, you can potentially move your super to a fund with the performance profile you prefer.

If you're approaching or in retirement, consider any of our Rollovers for attractive investment benefits. And if you have superannuation plans scattered around from different employers, talk to our Advisers at Ascend about consolidating to save on fees and potentially boost your returns.

Key Benefits

Leading investment managers

  • Access to some of the world's leading investment managers.
  • Choose from a select range of specialist investment managers or access our range of multi-manager options.

Value for money

  • Leveraging the size and strength of global fund managers, Ascend can reduce the costs of investing.
  • Personal Super fees are designed to be simple, fair and competitive ensuring more of your money is working for you.


  • For many investors, superannuation continues to provide the most tax-effective investment opportunity available.
  • Ascend gives you access to a complying superannuation fund ensuring your investments are tax-effective.

Convenience and control

  • Access to a range of quality investment options from the major asset classes with the simplicity and convenience of consolidated reporting and online access.

Saving you time

  • Our website provides you with access to information such as your current balance, portfolio valuations, asset allocations and recent transaction history.
  • Regular savings plan to help you build your retirement benefit.

Optional insurance to protect you and your family

  • Access to insurance for death, permanent and temporary disability.
  • As well as providing you and your family with financial security, obtaining insurance through Personal Super may be tax-effective.

Personal Pension Plan

A Personal Pension Plan is designed to provide you with an income in retirement in a simple and easy to understand package. You can transfer seamlessly from your Personal Super to a Personal Pension without incurring any CGT expenses and selling costs. You can even maintain the same investment options you selected with your Personal Super.

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